Video Marketing That Works

Video is a differentiator that a modern marketing strategy cannot function without, and our video campaigns will drive your conversations and catalyze real growth for your business.

Video Works

After managing millions in advertising budgets, we’ve learned a thing or two about what works. And video marketing works. Video gets far more engagement than traditional forms of marketing. In fact, it’s been estimated that social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

Video Across All Channels

Video marketing should be a part of your marketing strategy to maximize your opportunities for demand generation. OwnQuest has stayed ahead of this trend by integrating video marketing across all its offerings: social, content.

Video To Drive Conversions

Whether you’re looking to launch a new campaign, or improve your current marketing efforts, OwnQuest is ready take your strategy to the next level with video marketing

“We make videos and they’re seriously good. We create videos that are effective in driving results and inspiring your audiences to act.
Our videos tell your story the way it needs to be told. Straight-up, dramatic, inspirational, funny, or way out-of-the-box from far left field. We get results, whatever it takes.”

Our (very over-simplified) process

Step #1: We listen. Tell us everything you want to tell us. Your brand, your goals, your vision, your idea of a perfect video. Sometimes you may not know what you want. Tell us that, too. We’ll absorb it, inhale it, and start to digest it.

Step #2: We speak and we listen some more. We’ll come back with ideas, recommendations and some really deep life-changing wisdom. You’ll tell us what you think. And then we’ll tell you what we think. And we’ll keep cooking until it’s super-delicious for everyone.

Step #3: We make the video using a camera with a computer and After Effects, we’ll make that video, and it’ll be a thing that’s pretty and shiny.

Step #4: We share the video. With the world or with your internal teams – whoever the audience is, their lives will be changed forever.