Performance Tuning Services

Infrastructure Performance Tuning

Over time, due to multiple configuration changes, workload modifications and firmware upgrades, infrastructure gradually deviates from the ideal operating configuration. This becomes apparent in the gradual performance degradation to the point where the system is barely functional. We optimise and tune such infrastructure to bring it close to its peak performance. This ensures investment protection and frees up IT budget for more innovative uses rather than system replacement.

Database Performance Tuning

Application performance is primarily dependant database performance. We take a holistic approach towards improving database performance. We look into all underlying factors, from hardware to the SQL query executed, to do a root cause analysis and rectify the problem. This allows IT departments to
improve database performance without the need for new hardware and associated database licensing costs.

Our Methodology

Holistic system analysis is key to understanding the root cause of the performance degradation. We look into every aspect of the IT infrastructure to identify the component that is causing the slow performance. We run various commercial and in-house developed tools for in-depth system audits. These audits are then analysed by our experts to identify the problem components and recommend the corrective actions, which are then carried out by our engineers. The activities are then tested and certified by our experts to ensure they conform with their recommendations.

Our Technology Partners