Oracle Cloud Services

To truly harness the power of cloud, applications must be redesigned from ground up to take advantage of the unique architecture of cloud infrastructure and made “cloud-native”.

Workload Migration (Lift and Shift)

Organization planning to bridge the gap between business demands and IT budget are migrating to cloud. We help you choose the right cloud and the right application for migration. We streamline cloud migrations to ensure there is zero business impact. We automate infrastructure scaling to take advantage of cloud elasticity.

Application Modernisation (Refactoring)

Organiszations have invested a lot in developing their own applications. We help them protect those investments in their cloud journey by refactoring these applications to take full advantage of the latest innovations and advances in cloud technology. We break up monolithic applications into microservices and deploy those services as containers. This enables organisations to become agile without having to retrain their employees.

Hardening & Security

While organisations move to cloud, they encounter new cyberthreats and security challenges. Organisations have to reevaluate their existing policies and how to apply them in current scenario. We help develop and implement new standard operating procedures for your requirement that hardens the weak points in your cloud infrastructure.

Regulatory Compliance

As consumers embrace the ease of online transactions, organisations have to face the reality of implementing new and existing regulatory compliances in cloud. Instead of viewing compliance as a quarterly or yearly activity, we build it as a part and parcel of day-to-day operations. This helps organisations lower the operational cost of adhering to standards compliance, like PCI DSS and HIPAA

Backup and BC/DR

When organisations embrace digital transformation and their customer base goes global, their business hours extend to 24×7. Organisations cannot afford a downtime. We help such organisations leverage cloud to provide always-on services using cloud as a part of their backup and BC/DR strategy.

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