Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to start their career in Database Administration
  •  Oracle Database Administrator seeking to understand the foundational knowledge and scale their DBA career 300%

Oracle Database Administrator Certified Associate (OCA) certification training is designed to train the participants in the basic concepts of database administration. 

Skills To Acquire In The Training!

Here are some of the key skills covered in the Oracle Certified Associate DBA 12c Training curriculum.

  • Prepare the database environment and create a new Oracle database.
  • Manage Oracle instances and set database initialization parameters.
  • Configure and manage the Oracle network environment.
  • Manage storage structures in an Oracle 12c database.
  • Manage database user accounts and configure user security.
  • Implement Oracle database security and work with auditing.
  • Manage Oracle database 12c alerts and thresholds.
  • Utilize the enterprise manager support workbench.
  • Identify the types of failure that can occur in an Oracle database.
  • Manually backup Oracle databases and setup automatic backups.
  • Use the data recovery advisor to recover the Oracle database.
  • Export, import and transfer data between Oracle databases.

This Oracle DBA training course is suitable for professionals working as Data Warehouse Administrators, Application Developers, Forms Developers, System Analysts, Database Administrators, Support Engineers, Java Developers, Technical Consultants and PL/SQL Developers.

Learn to become an Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) in 6 weeks and get a well paid job as an Oracle Database Administrator.
‘Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate’ course follows a step by step methodology in introducing concepts and Demo’s to the students so that they can learn with ease. 

If you want to become an Oracle Database Administrator(Oracle DBA), this course is right for you!!!! Almost in every organization, you will find Database Administrator’s (DBA’s) to maintain the organization’s database. Becoming a good DBA depends on the knowledge you have in the overall architecture of Oracle Database.

OCA Training Fee:


₦50k for first ten students.

Official Training Fee after first Ten Students ₦200K


Training Sessions will be online.

Our students experienced 300% increased in SALARY and Value after participating in the training and mentoring sessions!

OCA Salaries
Average salaries for Oracle Certified Associates and related positions per Annum:

  • Database Administrator: ₦ 8,000,000
  • Oracle Certified Associate: ₦ 9,000,000
  • Junior Oracle Database Administrator: ₦ 8,200,000
  • SQL Database Administrator: ₦ 8,500,000
  • Oracle Database Administrator:₦ 8,000,000
  • Oracle Certified Professional: ₦ 12,000,000
  • Oracle Application Database Administrator: ₦ 9,000,000


  • Students should have basic SQL Knowledge
  • An open mind to understand Architecture, before jumping into demo’s