DevOps and Automation

In today’s dynamic world, the time it takes to convert concept to cash is vital for competitive advantage. Translab’s DevOps services shortens that time.

Assessment and Planning

To adopt DevOps in the organisation, one must not only adopt new toolsets but also a new culture of how software is developed. We interact with your developers and business unit leaders to understand and define the right set of processes and workflows to adopt DevOps. We create a framework for organisations to follow.

Infrastructure as Code

When organisations adopt DevOps methodology within their organisation, the infrastructure must become agile. Hence, infrastructure as a code (IaC) becomes crucial as uniformity between test and production environments, rapid prototyping and testing and predictability in deployment becomes the need of the hour. IaC lowers the costs of managing infrastructure while maintaining quality control.

Containerisation & Kubernetes

In DevOps, single monolithic application is broken down into multiple microservices, which interact and scale independently of one another. This requires a new type of infrastructure (containers) and new type of management (Kubernetes). Containerization requires the code to be refactored so that it can take advantage of the low overheads and fast scaling of containers.

CI/CD Pipeline

Key to DevOps methodology is continuous enhancement of software to keep pace with evolving business needs. This requires automation of the various steps in software development (development, integrations, testing and deployment) to build CI/CD pipeline. These CI/CD pipelines are driven by code and enable DevOps team to quickly create new services. New code is continuously integrated with existing applications and deployed in production without any impact on end-user.


As development and deployment becomes continuous, traditional security methods cannot keep pace with the speed of DevOps. Security must be built into the development and deployment cycle. DevSecOps addresses these challenges by implementing security measures at every step and automating security testing.

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